Which Taxonomy for Deep Learning? Bloom's or SOLO

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Saturday, 24th October 2015

 Deciding on a taxonomy, or structure of learning, to apply, overlay or hang curriculum upon, is a decision based on values and beliefs around the learning process. Bloom's taxonomy has been part of the learning landscape for 60 years, having been revisited, revised and adopted by many institutions of learning as the preferred taxonomy. SOLO taxonomy is a more recently conceptualised approach, defined by Biggs  and Collis in 1982, the Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes (SOLO). In an article by Sophie Murphy, from Pulse on Linked In, she explains why she prefers SOLO. There are many advocates for SOLO, Pam Hook has an abundance of resources connected to SOLO taxonomy

If you are a diehard Bloom's advocate and would like to see a very cool learning object that outlines the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy, visit Iowa State University - Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching .

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