The professional ecosystem for educators.

What is EduCorp?

EduCorp is designed BY Educators FOR Educators.

We have built this site to be the hub for all your education needs.

On this site you will be able to:

Online Courses

Complete courses relevant to your occupational needs.

Resource Store

Access discounts and specials provided by our suppliers.

WOT's What

Be guided by a tailored, educational reference point of wonder and discovery.


Seek, give, advertise an event, find a mentor or willing participant.


Bring all your self selected learning together to transform informal to credentialed.

Time's On

Record the time spent on professional reading to include in your learning log.

Our overarching aim is to raise consciousness around choices and actions linked to delivering the global goals for sustainable development.

This community of educators seeks to improve the management of education specific information, encouraging educators to collaborate, pursue ongoing learning and disrupt education in a positive way.

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