What's in a name? educorp or educo-op???

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Wednesday, 21st October 2015

The name of this site and all it's sister sites are revolving around the concept of a system of interconnected professional ecosystems. They are each corps (corporations), as much to indicate business as anything more complex. As the term "educorp" is a generic term, indicating an educational corporation, it is a popular name used by many businesses, but not made a trade mark to any one organisation. Unfortunately the domain educorp.com is not available for general sale, which has caused the need to think more laterally around the branding of this ecosystem. educorponline.com is the most appropriate, available option for a scalable, global entity. But does it really reflect, the values and beliefs that are at the basis of this enterprise?

Should this site be branded as a corporation, when it is clearly inclined to be a mutual or co-operative? According to the wikipedia, "A cooperative or co-operative is an autonomous association of people who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual social, economic, and cultural benefit. Cooperatives include non-profit community organizations and businesses that are owned and managed by the people who use their services or by the people who work there or by the people who live there, hybrids such as worker cooperatives that are also consumer cooperatives or credit unions, multi-stakeholder cooperatives such as those that bring together civil society and local actors to deliver community needs." This is a social enterprise, co-operatively working toward educational innovation, mutual support, achieving the global goals for sustainable development and enabling self selected personal and professional learning.

So should this site move to a new domain, "educo-op.com"?  What are your thoughts?


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Andrew Biedermann

5 years ago

educorp looks better than educo-op. educo-op looks like it has a burp in the middle of it.

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