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Sunday, 8th November 2015


Over the weekend 2 articles rose to the surface. The first was a great piece written by C.M. Rubin who contemplated the future of education, predicting the answers to many questions around curriculum, technology integration and education delivery. The article is well worth a read.


The second, a big picture perspective from Steve Hadfield-Dobbs, Chief Scientist at the CSIRO provides a fantastic diagram and plan for addressing sustainable development. The article caused a great deal of interest and some controversy, 90 readers felt moved to comment in "The Conversation". Steve suggests that sustainability is achieveable through lifestyle tweeking and mindfulness, others disagreed - what are your thoughts? 


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Loreyse Agnew-Green

5 years ago

Human Being are so ingenious at creating solutions for incredible challenges. I have always wondered if an engine could be developed that burnt carbondioxide and produced oxygen. Taking the elements that are causing ecological damage and converting them back, having a positive byproduct. As simplistic as this sounds and I'm sure many a Scientist has already contemplated this, what an amazing STEM / STEAM investigation this would be.........

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