Heutology: surely it's made up

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Monday, 12th October 2015

Well yes, alright, it is made up - that's what creativity is isn't it!?! Heutology is based on the concept of heutagogy - self-determined learning, which was jointly identified by Stewart Hase and Chris Kenyon (2001), from Southern Cross University. In an article published in TeachThought by Terry Heick, the passion of Jackie Gerstein for heutagogy, was acknowledged and Stewart Hase went on to comment that Jackie has written a chapter in an upcoming book. This is an excellent and timely article which outlines and compares the progression of learning flows.

Educorp uses the term Heutology to describe a collection of tools and links, which when melded together creates an ecosystem of learning. It is our intention to quantify informal learning, on the basis of self selection and enable users, through elements of gamification, coming soon to this site, gather their knowledge and should they choose, achieve credentialing to acknowledge their efforts and personal competency in their field of specialty or expertise. For more information about heutagogy join the Heutagogy Community of Practice , which is a link in the Collaboratory, part of Heutology - the last section of stage 1 development.

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