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Thursday, 2nd July 2015

If a profession is an occupation based in a thought economy (knowledge workers) as shared by Dr Michael Cubbin in Linked In group - Principals, School Directors, Deans & Educational Leaders,  and if the query, "Is Teaching a Profession?" is a trick question, then the concept of a Professional Ecosystem for Educators is at odds with the argument. The company name EduCorp - a Corporation (company/business) based in Education is at odds with the philosophy of the site and yet depicts the purpose, providing the Education Sector a profession specific space in which to do business - the business of learning, sharing and setting the global education agenda.

"As reflective practitioners we can reassert, first our ability, and then our right, to assume responsibility for the educational enterprise." Runte  While valuing the contributions of the business and government sectors to the advancement of education, the goal of this enterprise is to return the agenda setting of education to the educators. To this end Educorp (The Education Corporation) Pty Ltd will be established on the business model of a credit union where the majority of shares in the company will be held by the membership of the site. This site is unbiased in recommendations made or resources highlighted.

An Ecosystem is an interconnection of organisms and environments that rely on each other to live, thrive and survive. 

We welcome interest in creating partnerships with Education Professionals to impact the vision and form of this platform.

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